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I've been reading - just not writing. But this week is Spring Break and the time to pause and reflect on what I've read these last few weeks has presented itself. The question of course is, have I read 10 books now that the 10th week of the year is upon us? The first three I already posted about and here's the rest:

The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller
A must read! The parable of the prodigal son is not about the son at all. It's about the Father - our Father and His character. It's about the true nature of Christianity. This is a book you can give to anyone - Christian or not. I'll be ordering a bunch to give to my family at Christmas.

An Exact Replica of A Figment of My Imagination - A Memoir by Elizabeth McCracken
I'd never heard of this author before but apparently her work is pretty funny. This book is not. It's a reflection on her first pregnancy which ended in stillbirth. A year out from her son's birth, she writes with a newborn on her lap and so the story is bittersweet.
When her baby has died and subsequently born still, she and her husband leave France (where they resided for the duration of the pregnancy) and make every effort to leave those memories and any reminder of that time behind. The pain and grief is too much to bear, so they just walk away from it and it becomes a figment of her imagination. Then she has a second son a year later and the memories of the first born baby are there as she gazes upon her new baby (an exact replica) and the writing begins and the book is published.
This book is one person's story, presented plainly. It interested me because of the similar experience I've had.

Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Brauns
In this book, Brauns works out a clear and biblical understanding of forgiveness that really rattles the false idea that we are to just "forgive and forget" even if the other person is unrepentant. He delineates between extending the offer of forgiveness and true reconciliation. This book was very helpful in so many areas of my life and brought some clarity on what forgiveness really looks like as opposed to "cheap grace".

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell
Ok, I admit I didn't read this book word for word but I skimmed through all the sections and read what was most applicable to my present situation. I heard Bell speak at a local homeschool convention last year and she is apart of the same family of churches I am. Her message is incredibly encouraging, full of the gospel, and practical. Supposedly an updated version of this book is due to be published and when it is, I plan on getting it for my bookshelf as I know I'll refer back to it again and again over the years.

Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon
This is a book that combines common sense nutrition with a very doable exercise routine. Lydon was trained as a medical doctor but has gone on to work in the fitness and nutrition industry because she wanted to help people prevent illness rather than treat illness.
The diet is designed to combat insulin resistance and addiction to sugar and high glycemic foods (like breads, pasta, rice, etc...) and is very doable. I've had no trouble combining what I eat with what I would cook for my family. For the most part, I just cook what I would ordinarily with some small adjustments.
The exercise regiment requires 25 minutes a day, with a 4 on, 1 off rotation and all I needed to invest in were a few dumbbells.

That's it! Not too bad; I'm only two weeks behind. I have several books on the go now so am still confident that by the end of the year I'll have read 52 books.


Thanks for the book suggestions. I haven't read any of these! I always struggle with choosing home schooling books with "ultimate" in the title. Sure, it may be ultimate, but is there anything in there that I can use? All that to say: thanks for pointing me in the Bell's direction.

8:29 PM  

Thanks for sharing these!!! Jason LOVES The Prodigal God! He's told me I have to read it : ) I want to know more about the homeschooling book. How could it serve me? : ) I never know about those books...but would love your insight!

12:46 PM  

Hi Melanie,
I loved what you wrote on my blog! Thank you. It looks like your kids are almost the same ages as mine, 7.5, 5.5, 2.5, and 6 months old. It's nice to meet another mom with the same crazy-busy schedule.

Thanks again for sharing your heart!


5:40 AM  

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