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I've written a guest post for my friend Stephanie, who has just gave birth to her third child last weekend. The topic is a departure from my usual choice of what to write about but I hope will prove helpful to those who struggle with some of the same organizational difficulties I do:

Once I arrived at work on time and my boss asked me if everything was ok. I quit borrowing books from the library years ago when I realized my money was better spent on buying books than on late fees. I own a dozen white shirts, at least as many black shirts and I have four dozen cans of tomatoes in my pantry all because I’m too distracted while shopping to remember what I already have. I like the idea of using coupons but actually remembering to put them in my purse is another thing and if they’ve made it that far I usually forget to take them out upon payment. My keys now have a visible home where I hang them but before that I would spend up to half and hour looking for where I left them: my jacket pocket – but which jacket? my purse? the counter? the table in the foyer? the diaper bag? You get the picture. I have some organizational issues. Can you relate?
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Ah, I can definitely relate to some of this. I have gotten MUCH better over the years. =)

3:44 PM  

I have to tell you... I have missed you! I know you dropped Facebook and after some searching I found your blog again! I have not emailed anyone for quite some time... we'll have to catch up one day!
Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you!

6:40 AM  

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